Apollo Wellness Club SPA Center

Apollo Wellness Club SPA Center

A relaxation oasis in the heart of Transylvania!

The first SPA centers appeared in 1926 following the existing model of the town of SPA in Belgium where the richness of mineral and thermal curative waters allowed it to become a model to follow. Today, SPA centers are organized on the principles of preventive and curative medicine, with a wide range of facial and body aesthetic procedures and treatments.

The Apollo Wellness Club SPA Center invites you into a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. Besides intimacy, relaxation and professionalism, Apollo SPA Center offers a rich variety of body treatments and beauty services … hammam, hot stones massages, relaxation massages all these being real antidotes for everyday stress. Apollo spa treatments invigorate and relax the body, stimulate the blood circulation, burn calories and remodel the body. Active people can maintain their muscular tonus in the fitness room that has the most modern fitness equipment.


We also focus on cosmetic treatments with top of the line products, personalized for each skyn type. Continue relaxing at the Apollo Pool Bar with a fresh salad or freshly squeezed orange juice for added energy and health.

Spa Rates


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Freshwater pool

The pool is the ideal place to train muscles and painful joints, with water taking up 90% of the body’s weight. Swimming has the advantage of increasing muscle tone and flexibility, improves cholesterol levels, reduces asthma symptoms.

Saltwater pool

The exceptional mineralization, which is due to the concentration (135,586 mg/l) and its content (iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrates), give true therapeutic virtues to these waters. The waters have the highest iodine content (11,4 mg/l) in Transylvania and iodine is the ion of human longevity.


Saunas are recognized as a healthy habit for the body with beneficial effects at both physical and mental level.



The warmth of the water and the delicate massage are the absolute indulgence that frees the mind and relaxes the muscles.



Regular exercise has become a necessity.
Fitness exercises harmoniously develop the body, tone it, but at the same time develop concentration and creativity.


With the services offered by of our specialists, you will be transposed into a relaxing oasis in which you will find harmony, comfort and good mood.


Forget about daily stress and offer yourself a deep relaxation on the Apollo Wellness Club SPA Center terrace.


Enjoy a light menu of salads, pasta and sandwiches with a freshly squeezed fruit juice.