The Resort’s History

The Salt Water Baths of Sângeorgiu de Mureş, renowned for saltwater and mineral mud, has been known since 1880 when, a salt water pool fed from a surface spring was used for the first time. The first written mention, which highlights the therapeutic qualities of the salt baths dates back to 1900, when two salt water pools and cabins, a restaurant with rental rooms and a park were in use. In 1902 the festive opening of salt baths was organized, which included bicycle trips, carriage and wagon trips, artistic programs and sports competitions. This information appeared in the local press – in the “Szekely Lapok” newspaper.

The first well was drilled at a depth of 864 meters in 1912. In the 1960s and 1970s, two more salt water wells were drilled to a depth of 799 and 915 meters. Between 1920 and 1924, three saltwater bath pools, as well as cabins and a beach, a hot water treatment base, individual bath tubs, mineral mud packs, a restaurant and a park for playing spaces and relaxation were built.

In 1938 a hotel with 12 rooms and a doctor’s office were built. In this location, between 1971-1983 there was a physiotherapy hospital with 24 beds and also a doctor’s office. Until 1924, the Salted Baths were the property of Mr. Csete Bela, and then they came into the possession of the General House of Economies SA from Sibiu, until 1948. Since 1948 they have been owned by the Romanian State.

In 1982, the Apollo Hotel with 44 rooms, a bar and doctor offices were put into use. In 2005, a wide modernization of the entire center started, culminating with the construction of the building with 4 **** rooms. The new complex reopened in October 2007 and was improved both in terms of construction and equipment.