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Saunas are recognized as a healthy habit for the body with beneficial effects at both physical and mental level. The immediate effect is relaxation and stress relief, and in the long term sauna practice strengthens the immune system, improves the circulatory system and eliminates toxins. For efficient results, sauna sessions are recommended in 15 minutes sessions that are alternated with a cold shower.

Wet Sauna

The wet sauna involves creating a water vapor atmosphere with great efficiency in skin hydration and detoxification.

It is indicated in the treatment of stretch marks, dry skin, and application of body lotion is indicated after use.

Dry Sauna

The dry sauna, besides the soothing effect, also has a therapeutic effect, as it helps to eliminate toxins and to burn calories, supporting blood circulation. It is not recommended for people with hypertension or heart problems.


Infrasauna is recommended for people with heart disease because it stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It is effective in fighting cellulite by removing water and toxins from the body.
Infrasauna strengthens the immune system and helps balance weight, being indicated to people who do little or no exercise.
It is a relaxing procedure because it reduces stress, fatigue and has a calming effect.