With the services offered by of our specialists, you will be transposed into a relaxing oasis in which you will find harmony, comfort and good mood.

The Apollo Wellness Club Spa Center offers you a rich variety of body treatments and beauty services … the hammam, the massage with hot stones and the relaxation massage being real antidotes for daily stress.


The relaxation massage is a general full body massage that aims to quickly eliminate fatigue and to relax the muscles. It is extremely effective in high fatigue states. The relaxation massage is usually done with oils or special creams that stimulate well-being and relaxation.The hot stones massage balances the energy of the whole body, detoxifies it and it is a real antidote for stress.The anti-cellulite massage has been specially designed to help you remodel your silhouette; together with the properties of the modeling cream it stimulates circulation, eliminates toxins and fat deposits.
The sports massage is ideal for active people, it prevents injuries and muscle soreness which can appear after physical effort.


The hammam is one of the most enjoyable ways of spoiling your body. It cleanses the skin in depth, removes germs, improves breathing, eliminates stress and body toxins
The procedure takes place in a heated room on a giant slab, where the guest stretches out, and a specialist in massage techniques makes a peeling on the whole body, rubbing it with a rough glove, cleaning the dead cells


In addition to inducing a state of well-being, the cosmetics industry is always striving to discover ingredients and technologies that can bring the dream of ageless youth as close as possible to reality.
Apollo Wellness Club offers you a wide range of cosmetic treatments – hydradermie with double ionization, hydradermie lift, hydradermie lift express, hydradermie luxury lift, hydradermie eye lift, anti-age treatment, aromatic facial treatment, Beaute Neuve, liftosome, facial Massage, extraction.

Hair salon

The place where quality services are combined with professional hair care products.
We invite you to discover the Goldwell range of professional products for the beauty of your hair!


We offer top quality services using top professional products (OPI). You can choose for a simple, classic, french, gel, gelix manicure / pedicure with special ornaments or adhesive ornaments.


When we want to get a fast tan and the weather does not allow us to do so, or we cannot expose ourselves to the sun, we can resort to alternative solutions.
The solarium is one of the simplest methods. The effect is visible almost immediately, depending on the type of skin and duration of exposure.