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The medieval fortress of Tirgu-Mures

The medieval fortress of Tirgu-Mures is located in the center of the city and was built between 1605-1653. It has 7 bastions and has a total area of ​​4.3 acres. The bastions consist of 3 or 4 levels that communicate inside through wooden stairs. Inside the fortress is the Reformed Church. As the oldest building in the city, the Reformed Church and the fortress are considered symbols of Tirgu Mures.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 9-21


The Palace of Culture  

Palatul Culturii este una dintre cele mai reprezentative clădiri ale Transilvaniei. Construit  între anii 1911-1913 se impune atât prin decoraţiunile exterioare cât şi cele interioare, fiind o bijuterie a sitului Belle Epoque. Mozaicul monumental şi basoreliefurile care domină frontispiciul clădirii, frescele şi vitraliile de la exterior sunt considerate adevărate bijuterii arhitecturale. Sala oglinzilor este adevărata „perlă” a Palatului Culturii, datorită tripticului de oglinzi veneţiene. În cadrul Palatului mai  funcţionează  şi Filarmonica de Stat precum şi Biblioteca Judeţeană

Visiting schedule: Monday: Closed

                                        Tuesday – Friday: 9-16

                                        Saturday – Sunday: 9-13


The Square of the roses  

It is the central square of Târgu-Mureş and it is famous for the roses that adorn it and for the floral carpet that passes through it. On both sides of the square there are many shops, cafes, restaurants and terraces, being the most prominent city promenade.


The Corneşti Plateau and Zoo

The Corneşti Plateau is located in the eastern part of Tirgu Mures. Located 197 meters above the town, it offers an incredible panorama to everyone who chooses to go up there. At the Cornesti Plateau there is a children’s playground with numerous slides, wooden games, climbing boxes and a Tyrolean traverse. There are also special places for those who practice outdoor sports. The main attraction is the Zoo. It covers an area of ​​20 acres and houses over 500 animals of 120 species. It is considered one of the most beautiful zoos in Eastern Europe.

Opening hours Zoo: Monday – Sunday: 10-18 in the summer season  

                                                                Monday – Sunday: 10-18 in the winter season